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National Driving Institute

This is one of the most anticipated posts of people who talk to us, as it concerns obtaining a driver’s license in Canada, specifically in Ontario.

As usual, we will explain a few things before step -by-step. First, it is important to point out that the driver’s license here is PROVINCIAL, i.e. if you live in Ontario, you strip your wallet here, but if thou seedlings definitely to another province, you will be required to take a new portfolio that province. If thou be just traveling, you’re all right; you have no problem using the driver’s license between provinces.

Second, it is important to explain that here there are 3 types of car drivers’ licenses, let the differences:

G1 Road Test: This is the first type of portfolio that everyone is required to take. To take this portfolio is necessary to make a test of 40 questions, 20 signs and 20 traffic rules, and may miss only four questions of each type. Yes, it is not necessary to make driving test, only the same race.

But to drive the car, you must be accompanied by someone who has the G portfolio of more than four years. Moreover, it cannot have alcohol in the blood, cannot drive between midnight and 5 am, not on highways.

G2 Road Test: This is the second level of the driver’s license, being necessary to the driving test to get her out. Only after 12 months of G1 is that you can take this leave (time can be shortened if you make a specific course that exists here). The difference between G1 and G2 is that in the case of G2 is already allowed to drive alone, both in the city and highway. You cannot have alcohol in the blood and the number of points to the loss of license is very low (9 points).

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National Driving Institute

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