getting your G driving licence in ontario

Getting Your G Driving Licence in Ontario

Getting Your Driving Licence in Ontario is very easy if you learn to drive properly and try to minimize your nervousness during the road test. 

While you are Driving on Ontario roads you should:

  • carry a valid driver’s licence
  • keep with you a valid owner’s permit, licence plate and insurance
  • obey the Ontario traffic rules and regulations

Applying for a driver’s license

  • be at least 16 years old 
  • pass an eye test and a knowledge test about the traffic signs and rules of the road

Getting Your G Driving Licence in Ontario is a three-step process.

  • Step 1: G1 knowledge test
  • Step 2: G1 road test (wrongly known as G2 road test) 
  • Final Step 3: G2 road test (wrongly known as G road test

G1 Written Test

G1 Written Test is also known as G1 knowledge test, G1 Licence Test,  G1 written exam and G1 Written Examination.

The Knowledge Test is a written test with forty multiple-choice questions that determines whether you have a clear, necessary understanding of the traffic signs and the Ontario rules of the road. 

There is a two parts test of 20 questions each,

  • Part A consists of 20 questions based on traffic signs and lane markings.
  • Part B consists of 20 questions based on the Ontario rules of the road.

To pass the G1 knowledge test, you should correctly answer at least 16 questions of each test part.  


1) If you do not pass the knowledge test, you could ask the officer at the counter for explanations and the right answers for the questions you have missed to answer correctly. You could also retake the knowledge test on the same day repeatedly by paying the written test portion fees only (around $16). 

2) If you fail only one part of the two parts, you do not have to retake the part you passed.

3) The questions are based on the current edition of the official Ontario driver’s handbook.

Road Tests

There are two levels of road tests; Level 1 road test and Level 2 road test.

The Level 1 road test is also known in Ontario, G1 exit test, G1 road test, G1 Driving test, G1 driver’s test, G1 Driving examination, G1 driving exam, also wrongly known as G2 road test. 

The Level 2 road test is also known in Ontario as, G2 exit test, G road test, G Driving test, G driver’s test and wrongly known as G2 road test.

Choosing a right driving school

Choosing the right driving school as a new driver is one of your lifetime’s crucial decisions. The most excellent choice of a proficient driving instructor is the most ideal way to put yourself securely behind the wheel life long.

A ministry-approved beginner driver education course provider can teach you the necessary skills and attitudes to become a safe and responsible driver. The completion of the ministry-approved beginner driver education course will be noted in your driver’s licence history. This will make you qualify to take your level 1 road test sooner by four months and may save your money on auto insurance premiums.

The costs of the knowledge test and the road tests to get a full G license in Ontario as of March 01, 2021

  • Class G1 licence: knowledge test $16
  • G1 road test (to get G2 license) $53.75
  • Five-year licensing fee $90.00
  • The total amount you should pay before your written test $159.75
  • G2 road test (to get G licence) $91.25

By taking proper driver training; Save lives, save money and time.

Be responsible .. be respected…

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