G, G1, G2 Road Test and Written Test at North York Driving School

G2 road test and G drive test

National Driving Institute is serving since 1998 to prepare for the G2 road test and G drive test. We provide Driving Lessons in the following Locations: Scarborough in Ontario, Toronto, Markham, East York, North York, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.

To this end, our driving School has always focused on high-quality training, bringing together teams, teaching materials and conditions that meet the road safety requirements, and especially the customers. Get trained for G1 and G2 Practice Road Test with us.

We cover all the safety aspects and road test tips, providing cars to the road test (driving examination) if required. We have a proven track record of excellent test results. Our goal is not only for the students to pass the G2 driving test and G driving exam but also to make it a safe and competent driver and ensure you have a safe driving life ahead.

It is essential to choose a driving school that can provide the best education to make it a safe driver. National Driving Institute has the skills and experience to prepare you for the exam and a long, motorized secure future.

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Learn to drive safety techniques and tips

Proper driving safety techniques and tips could help you save your time and money. Furthermore, it can also save your life and others. It’s all about learning confident driving; do not panic. Think before you act. 
National driving institute always focuses on preparing you to pass the road test easily. Moreover, prepare you for the future road safety of your and other road users. 

Learn correctly… Drive confidently… 

Drive Safely… Save lives…

Saving lives is our responsibility.

After getting trained with us, you can able to know the following things:
For G1 Road Test Preparation (To get G2 Licence)
For G2 Road Test Preparation (To get G Licence)
Contact us at 416 543 2378 (Email: [email protected]) for more information.

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For In-Class, In-car driving Lessons and G2 & G Road Test Preparation


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