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National Driving Institute

Driving School in Scarborough Ontario

About Us

One of the oldest driving school in Scarborough Ontario is National Driving Institute. Learning to drive is a complicated process, especially considering the level of responsibility placed on your shoulders when you have passengers. After all, you are basically responsible for other people’s lives, which is why it is mandatory that you become the best driver possible.
Our driving school guarantees that you will become an expert driver who knows how to drive safely, with confidence, due to our highly qualified driving instructors who understand that everyone learns differently. This ensures that you can learn at your own pace to guarantee that you get the best possible results that will ultimately help you get your license.
We mainly teach driving lessons in these locations: Scarborough in Ontario, Toronto, Markham, East York, North York, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.
Driving School Scarborough ontario | Toronto | Markham | East York | North York | Pickering | Ajax | Whitby | Oshawa

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Our driving school in Scarborough Ontario uses white Toyota corolla cars with passenger-side brake, also known as dual-brakes for driver training.
Yesterday I passed my G2 road test!!! I should mention I could do it because of timely support of Mr. Lava Sir. I booked a test a week back and requested him to assist me to test and give me lessons. He dint deny despite of very short notice, Very well supported till the end of the test. Indeed, his tips to drive and moral support without loosing cool helped a lot. Thank you very much Sir. I greatly appreciate your jovial and energetic nature, kind heart, honesty, discipline, patience. Certainly if anyone asks me for driving instructor reference, without any second thought I would recommend him.
Her driving instructor took the image after Ms. Seema has passed her road test at Port Union Drive Test Center in Scarborough in the first attempt.
Seema Hegde

Why Us! Why Should you Choose NDI than Other Driving Schools in Scarborough Ontario?

National Driving Institute Guarantees a Safe and Friendly Learning Environment, Guaranteed to Turn Anyone Into the Best and Most Confident Driver Possible! Our reassuring style sweeps away anxieties, eases frayed nerves, and lays the foundations for many years of safe driving.

Everyone has their own reasons to choose their Driving School but here are very good reasons why should you choose us:

  • Friendly and Patient Driving Instructions; No Yelling Guaranteed!
  • Excellent Pass Rate; More than 22 years of Experience
  • Quality value-for-money driving lessons
  • Automatic & Manual air-conditioned cars
  • Privately Owned and Operated
  • Accredited & Honest Instructor
  • Personalized Lessons; Special Care For The Nervous & Elderly Learners
  • Pick up and Drop off at your school or workplace if needed.

Students View about Us

Friendly and Patient Driving Instructions

Overall, he was very calm and a very good instructor.  

– Mathooshan Manoharan

Quality value-for-money driving lessons

You get a great learning opportunity and value of your money.

– Joey Chin

Excellent Pass Rate

With only a few classes I was able to pass my G licence.

– Thacshi Ramachandra

Personalized Lessons

Not only is he very understanding and kind, but he teaches in a way that sticks in your head. 

– Aarabi Ramachandra

Accredited & Honest Instructor

Passed my G2 test today. Thanks to my very professional and patient instructor.

– Simone Alleyne

Pick up and Drop off at your school or workplace if needed

Would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

– Kelly Vuong

I would strongly recommend Mr. Lava’s National Driving School for everyone. I just passed my G2 road test a few days back with the help of Mr. Lava. Only I took 3 classes max and passed my G2 test easily and will consider 2 or 3 lessons before my G test as well. He is a very kind, patient, down to earth, understanding and respectful teacher and plus thing is he never yells at you and always on time. Also, he takes his lessons very seriously and will fix your mistakes right there, and he didn’t mind asking again and again. I have learned a lot from him, and his dedication to his work and patience has allowed him to be an amazing instructor. I strongly recommend everyone to attend National Driving School.                –Taqi S.

A Student is standing beside our driving school car happily at Port Union Drive Test Center after she has passed her G2 road test in the first attempt.

I am very glad to have lava as my instructor because I passed my g2 road test at Port Union Drive Test center in the first attempt….. He is a very good and humble person…. as well as understanding and supportive…. He tries to explain all the processes and relates it to whichever field you are working… Moreover, the best thing he does not shout for any blunders we do on roads has very much patience in teaching various driving methods (all kinds of parking, slow speed maneuvers etc.)

Overall I would highly recommend lava to everyone who wants to succeed in their driving test… Thank you once again for your valuable road practice, Which helped me to be a success.                                                      –Geetha Reddicherla

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