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The Ministry-approved National Driving Institute is the most reputable driving school in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Via our devotion and loyalty to the young generation of our community, we are leading the field of driver education.
In other words, in our driving school, we have trained, patient and punctual, experienced driving instructors.


National Driving Institute

Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider Since 1998


Driver Education Saves Lives and Money

You will learn proficiency of safe & responsible driving techniques and attitudes

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Not all driving schools in Scarborough offer Ministry-approved beginner driver education courses. But in our driving school, the beginner driver education program is approved by the provincial government of Ontario.

g1 road test preparation

G2 Road Test Preparation

To get the Ontario G2 driver's licence: Our In-Car Driving Lessons cover everything you need to know to pass your level 1 driving test easily and become the most possible safe and responsible driver on the road for your life-long road safety.

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g2 road test preparation

G Road Test Preparation

To get the G driver's licence: Our driver training sessions cover everything you need to know to pass your level 2 driving test easily and become the most possible safe and responsible driver on the road for your life-long road safety.

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senior refresher driving lessons

Senior Refresher Driving Lessons

Our driving school offers refresher driving lessons to give students, including seniors, the opportunity to brush up on their driving skills before the G2 road test or G driving test. Moreover, this enables them to build their confidence on the road to ensure that they are safe and responsible drivers.

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Well-experienced, patient & punctual and very helpful professional driving instructors

No Yelling Guaranteed


Driver education courses are designed for individuals seeking to enhance their road traffic safety.


Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Certification Courses for a possible insurance discount.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Get Over The Fear Of Driving. Reduce The Nerves And Boost Confidence Behind The Wheel.

Features of Our Courses

Why Should you Choose National Driving Institute than Other Driving Schools in Scarborough, Ontario?

National Driving Institute Guarantees a Safe and Friendly Learning Environment, Guaranteed to Turn Anyone Into the Best and Most Confident Driver Possible! Our reassuring style sweeps away anxieties, eases frayed nerves, and lays the foundations for many years of safe driving.

Everyone has their own reasons to choose their Driving School but here are very good reasons why should you choose us:

Friendly & Extremely Patient Driving Instructions

No Yelling Guaranteed! We always Provide a Highly Effective Learning Environment. Because we firmly believe and consistently apply the fact that high efficient learning could occur only in a pleasant and calm environment.

Quality value-for-money

Highly effective driving lessons and instructional strategies make students learn easier, stronger and faster. As a result, you will save money, and time to get your g2 & G licence moreover you will be a life-long safe and responsible.

Accredited & Honest Instructor

Our driving school in Scarborough has proven itself as a legitimate establishment in the driver's education field for 23 years, since 1998.

Personalized Lessons

We take extremely special care for the nervous & elderly learners to swap away their nervousness and feel comfortable learning.

Excellent Pass Rate

Our serious effort of teaching rules of the road, safe left/right turns & lane changes and highly effective parallel parking, front-in & back-in parking techniques make the student pass their road test exceptionally easy.

Automatic & Manual car training available

Manual transmission (manual gearbox) in-car training also available.


Our Driving School Trusted by Thousand of Students and Instructors

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125+ Ratings
I went to National Driving Institute for in-class and road classes. Mr. Lava is an excellent teacher; he's very supportive and knowledgeable knows exactly how to deliver the information. Above all he knows someone's strength and whatever they need to work more on while on the road. I did both my G2 and G road tests with him and passed both for the first time. If you're looking for a driving school in Scarborough, National Driving Institute is the one for you.
Tamara Mustafa
I got my G2 license, thanks to Mr. Lava! He is the best driving instructor there is. Only after a few classes I was ready to book my road test. He is very patient, kind, and helpful. Above all, he teaches you everything in a very simple and concise manner, so you get it on your first try! Moreover, he will also continuously keep helping you until you get or try explaining it in a different way so you will understand. I highly recommend Mr. Lava to anyone looking to get their license or upgrade their license! He is a great teacher and a great man!                                          -
Waleed Saleem
Lava is a fantastic teacher. He came highly recommended by my fiance, who also learned under him, and both of us have nothing but great things to say about Lava. We both passed our G2 tests on the first try, thanks to his lessons. We both will definitely be using him again for our G tests. If you want to learn how to drive, speak to Lava, you will not regret choosing him!
Alex Westcott
Lava is an absolutely wonderful teacher. I've been in 5 car accidents as a passenger and never thought it possible to be comfortable driving. Lava changed all that, and he's calm and friendly. I would 100% recommend that you take his classes.
Jennifer Walker
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0/5 (0 Reviews)

For In-Class, In-car driving Lessons and G2 & G Road Test Preparation


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National Driving Institute

National Driving Institute is Ministry-approved, the highest reputation driving school in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We pioneer the field of driver education through our dedication and commitment to the young generation of our society because we have well-experienced, in other words, skilful, patient & punctual, professional driving instructors in our driving school.

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