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The ministry-approved guidelines for the beginner driver education course include 30 hours of knowledge-based eLearning and 10 hours of in-car driver training, which provides students with the necessary behind-the-wheel experience. Additionally, we offer very affordable additional in-car driver training lessons if required.

Pricing & FAQ

Choose the right beginner driver education course that suits you

At the National Driving Institute, our prices for the beginner driver education courses are very competitive and reasonable. Our Toronto-based qualified driving instructors will assess you for a beneficial driving lessons program to save you time & money. In other words, we have 10 in-car driving lessons package, 7 driving lessons package, special package deals which will suit your specific requirements and budget. Call at (416) 543 2378 and let’s discuss your driver education training program and design your package deals.

To get G2 Licence
To get G Licence

Courses to get G2 Licence

Full Revision 1 - Pre-Road Test with Assessment & Evaluation
Full Revision 2 - Pre-Road Test with Assessment & Evaluation
Special 1 - Beginner Driver Certification
Special 2 - Full Beginner Driver Certification
Course 3 - Full G2 Road Test Preparation

The cost of the beginner driver education course may be subject to change depending on student pick-up/drop-off areas and choice of drive test centre location for your road test. 

The Payment method:



Do you have any inquiries concerning our driving school?

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our driver education courses.

Absolutely! National Driving Institute is an MTO-approved provider of beginner driver education courses. Our office maintains a copy of our MTO licence.

Register online or phone at 416 543 2378 or email at [email protected] or in-person.

Yes, you can enroll and start your online BDE course at any time during the year. Additionally, you may schedule your in-car sessions for any day of the week between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m, including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Your successful completion of the course is reported to the MTO and recorded in your Driver’s License History (DLH). You can visit any Service Ontario office and pay $12 to have a copy of your DLH.

It is not required; you can attend the online course without a G1, but you must have a G1 before beginning your in-car driving instruction.

Yes, you can take your driving instructor’s car for an extra fee, which varies according to the drive test centre you choose.

Advantage #1

Driving school car does indicate to the examiner that you have trained with a professional driving instructor.

Advantage #2
Driving a school car also has a dual brake. The second brake enables the examiner to bring the car to a complete stop in the case of emergency, allowing him/her to feel more secure throughout the road test.

Advantage #3

The roof sign on the driving school car indicates that the driver is a student driver or is undergoing a road test. . As a result, other road users will most likely stay away from your car, providing you with additional space to do lane changes, turns, and parking during the road test.

Advantage #4

You will feel most comfortable driving the car you have been taught.


You should pay the rental cost for the car for road test.

A government-approved beginner driver education programme can teach you the skills and attitudes necessary to be a lifelong safe, and responsible driver.
Additionally, you may be eligible to take your G1 road test sooner. Moreover, you may save money on your insurance premiums.

Warning: Not all driving schools in Ontario provide government-approved training.

Yes, we have a specifically trained instructor to teach adults and senior learners. Appointments for these lessons can be made by contacting our office at 416 543 2378.

Please use the following link

Yes, a deposit is required to enrol in the course, and the remaining cost is payable when the in-car component begins. However, we may arrange for any customized payment method that suits you personally.

Verify that your payment method is current.

Ascertain that you have sufficient funds in your account to make the payment for the beginner driver education course.

If you continue to have problems, contact your bank to determine if there is an issue with your bank account.

Retry to pay the driver education course using a different payment method.

If you continue to have difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us at 416 543 2378 to arrange a suitable payment method.

Typically, an online beginner driver education course provides more flexibility than a typical classroom setting. You may study and take notes in the comfort of your own home, view lessons whenever you have the time to concentrate on them, and proceed at your own pace

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