senior refresher driving lessons

Senior Refresher Driving Lessons

Senior refresher driving lessons

Even the most experienced and skilled drivers may need to refresh their driving skills as they age. Longer response times, limiting visual skills, and forgetfulness can affect their road safety and other road users’ safety. Our driving school offers one-to-one pre-evaluation and training designed mainly for senior drivers.
Our senior refresher driving lessons allow the students, including seniors, to brush up on their driving skills before the g2 driving test or g road test. Furthermore, this enables them to build their confidence on the road to ensure that they are safe and responsible drivers.

Refresher driving lessons

We tend to spend a huge amount of money on most of the small errors we make while driving. On top of that, thousands of us have to face the pain and suffering of injuries and lost lives. By taking part in refresher driving lessons, we can stay away from all those consequences.
The national driving institute is highly gratified to offer private refresher driving lessons. Our lessons are prepared towards improving your defensive driving skills to gain good driving habits and be a safe & responsible driver for the future.

Correcting driving errors

Naturally, we want to be safe drivers, but everyone develops bad habits over time. Drivers of all ages will benefit immensely from our effective refresher driving lessons because they will reinforce your driving habits and behaviours.
During the refresher driver training, students have the opportunity of correcting their driving errors in a safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere.

Minimize the nervousness

Professional driving instructors’ primary duty is to train their students to be safe & responsible drivers and boost their confidence to minimize nervousness.
Our refresher driving lessons are designed to minimize stress caused by driving and maximize your and others’ road safety lifelong.

Course Description

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Key Concepts Covered Include:

Our specialized driving instructor for senior refresher driver training will train and guide you on everything you need to know for your road test and safe & responsible driving habits.

  • Pre-evaluate your driving skills.
  • Review of adjustment and use mirrors for maximum view and safety
  • Revision of traffic rules and regulations.
  • Freeway driving
    • merging into freeway traffic
    • Multilane changes on the freeway
    • Exiting from the freeway
  • Left turns, and right turns at various types of intersections.
  • Three-point turn, emergency roadside stop, parallel parking,
  • Following distance and stopping distance.
  • Prepare you for your road test.
  • Flexible scheduling, free pick up & drop off within a limited area.
  • Road test booking and use of our driving school car available for your road test (additional cost).

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