g1 road test preparation

G2 Road Test Preparation

In-Car Driver Training Description

The G1 Road Test ( Also wrongly known as G2 Road Test ) Preparation course is a comprehensive in-car driver training course. This course covers everything you need to know about becoming not just good enough to pass your road test but to become the most possible safe and responsible driver on the road for your life-long road safety.

This G2 Road Test Preparation course includes ten 60-minutes of one-on-one driving lessons with an experienced driving instructor who will be assigned to you for the whole of your training. All our driving instructors are carefully selected. The training is flexible enough to fit around your existing commitments or can be condensed if you need to get through the training quickly. A strong interest in student’s learning to drive influences the quality of their learning result.

National Driving Institute was established in 1988, and we have gone from strength to strength since. Helping students to learn to drive safely and pass fast is our specialty.
It does not matter if you are a beginner or have some driving experience in the past. The National driving institute will teach you the most efficiently and effectively. Our driving instructors passionate about helping you learn; we always make sure our driving lessons are educational, safe, and enjoyable.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Pre-drive procedures 
  • Starting the engine 
  • Moving forward 
  • Slowing and stopping the car 
  • Backing the car
  • Securing the car 
  • Pulling to and away from a curb 
  • Reference points and target areas 
  • Lane control 
  •  Speed control 
  • Left and right turns 
  • Uncontrolled intersections 
  • Up and downhill parking 
  • Parallel and parking 
  • Backing 
  • Three-point turn 
  • Defensive driving 
  • Following distances 
  • Scan-Evaluate-Act in moderate traffic 
  • Controlled intersections 
  • Lane changing and lane control 
  • Traffic lights 
  • Signs and controls 
  • Right-of-way 
  • Defensive driving 
  • Scan-Evaluate-Act in one-way streets 
  • Following distances 
  • Lane changing and lane control 
  • Traffic lights, signs and controls 
  • Freeway driving 
  • Entering and exiting limited-access roads 
  • Emergency procedures: stuck accelerator and a stalled engine 

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