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You are welcome to contact our driving school in Scarborough. We are available by phone at (416) 543-2378, or chat with us live right here if you have any questions or concerns about your G2, G road test preparation. Also, for more information about our driver education courses, driving lessons or our senior refresher lessons. Furthermore, you could email us at [email protected]

NDI office phone number (416) 289-4448 (Landline). Our Driving School is located at 2400 Midland Ave Unit 106, Scarborough, Ontario. We care about our students’ outstanding success and safety. The main focus of our lessons is to help create safe and responsible driving habits.

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Always keep a safe following distance.

Safety First; Always keep a safe following distance. Following distance is the space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Always keep a safe following distance; never tailgate. Speeding and improper following distance are the two of the leading causes of major accidents. Therefore, you mustn’t go over speed while driving and always keeping a safe following distance.

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For In-Class, In-car driving Lessons and G2 & G Road Test Preparation


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National Driving Institute

National Driving Institute is Ministry-approved, the highest reputation driving school in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We pioneer the field of driver education through our dedication and commitment to the young generation of our society because we have well-experienced, in other words, skilful, patient & punctual, professional driving instructors in our driving school.

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