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National Driving Institute is Ministry-approved, the highest reputation driving school in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We pioneer the field of driver education through our dedication and commitment to our society’s young generation. We have well-experienced; in other words, skillful, patient & punctual, professional driving instructors in our driving school.

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About Our Driving School

Learning safe and responsible driving habits enrich the road traffic safety of human lives. Therefore, our driving school, The National Driving Institute, always challenges each student to develop and extend driving proficiency and confidence through a focused and coherent approach.

New Possibilities



Certification Course

Our Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course consists of 20 hours in-class, 10 hours in-vehicle lessons and 10 hours of independent study. This course may also make you eligible to take your driving test earlier and allow you to save money on insurance premiums.


Road Test Preparation

Our G2 and G Road Test Preparation courses are comprehensive in-car driver training that covers everything you need to know to pass your driving test. Moreover, it helps you become the most possible safe & responsible driver on the road for your life-long road safety.


Senior Drivers

National Driving Institute is well pleased to offer private Senior Refresher Lessons. Our lessons are geared towards updating your driving skills to gain good driving habits and be a safe and responsible defensive driver for the future.


Refresher Lessons

National Driving Institute offers refresher driving lessons to give students the opportunity to brush up on their driving skills before the G2 road test or G driving test. Moreover, this enables them to build their confidence on the road to ensure that they are safe and responsible drivers.


Vehicle for Road Test

Don’t have a car for your road test? Need a few refresher lessons and drive test tips before your driving test? Book one of our vehicles & driving instructors for your road test.


G1 Practice Test (Free)

Our free online practice tests prepare you to pass your G1 written test with ease. With a range of multiple-choice questions, these tests are created to help you prepare for the official G1 written Test to get G1 licence in Ontario. However, to take the official G1 written test, you must go to any drive test centre in Ontario.

Driver Education Saves Lives and Money!

Driver Education reduces physical and Psychological pain furthermore saves lives and money! Remember; any serious injury is never just physical pain; it’s also emotional pain. It will cause severe mental pain for you and your loved ones. 

Main Request of Our Driving School & Responsibility

The National Driving Institute kindly requests every individual, especially all the parents and guardians; please make sure your teenagers have gained the necessary driving skills and knowledge before allowing them to drive alone or with their friends.

Our driving school teaches not only driving skills but also provide mental preparation along with road rules. Psychological exercises will develop the attitude that the rules of the road should not be violated for any reason.

Our Students Love Us

Reviews &

out of 5

Excellent driving instructor. Very patient, and classes are at a good price. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. I passed my G2 exam on the first try! Thank you, Mr. Lava.

- Kelly Vuong

Lava is a great instructor. He is very thorough in his explanations and I would highly recommend this driving school. You get a great learning opportunity and value of your money.

- Joey chin

Lava Sir was excellent in his teaching by being punctual, caring and clear. He approaches driving holistically and mentored me not only on how to drive but to drive safely and defensively (i.e. taught me how to protect myself from unsafe drivers). He is a very calm person and provides a nurturing environment where I am comfortable making mistakes without the fear of being chastised. He is patient and went over concepts over and over again until I got it. I started taking lessons with him during COVID-19, and he made sure to take proper precautions to protect his health and mine. Thank you again for your guidance. I passed my G2 in one try.

- Nathan Vaithilingam

Mr. Lava is a very professional and patient instructor. It’s been great learning driving from him as he teaches with his easy tips and tricks. Not once he gets rude or loses his temper, even if you make the same mistake over and over. He guides us as per our capabilities, boosts our confidence whenever we get nervous. I got my G2 today, and all thanks to his excellent teaching. Highly recommended instructor if you’re looking for one. Thank you, sir!

- Sumani Mariya Raj

Very detailed safety-oriented In-car and In-class sessions in response to your driving test and daily-driving are guaranteed. Without a doubt, you could expect extreme patience, positivity, and quality guidance from the instructor Mr. Lava who also creates a relaxed space for you to boost your confidence. Thankful for helping me in getting my G2 in the first attempt itself. Highly recommended.

- Bibin George

Mr.Lava is the best driving instructor I have ever had. With only a few classes, I was able to pass my G licence. He is calm, professional and supportive. Whenever driving, he made sure I was comfortable, and I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for the amazing experience.

Thacshi Ramachandra
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National Driving Institute

National Driving Institute is Ministry-approved, the highest reputation driving school in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We pioneer the field of driver education through our dedication and commitment to the young generation of our society because we have well-experienced, in other words, skilful, patient & punctual, professional driving instructors in our driving school.

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