Safety Tips


Stay alert, Slow down & Stay in control

Drive according to the road and the weather conditions

Drive with respect for other road users

In winter we alter our style of driving to cope with the ever-changing road and weather conditions. We:

  • do things sooner and more smoothly
  • prepare ourselves mentally for driving conditions
  • prepare our vehicles for the winter weather.

Prepare your vehicle by having a winter tune-up. The includes:

  • belts, hoses, battery, radiator, oil
  • coolant/anti-freeze, lights, brakes
  • windshield wipers, exhaust system, heater
  • defroster, ignition, electrical system.

Always ensure that snow and ice are cleared from the windshield, side window and rear windows, roof, lights, and mirrors, before heading out.

Keep washer fluid reservoir full with a spare gallon in the trunk.

Keep the cell phone charged.

Never let the gas tank fall below the half-full level.

In bad weather, before a vehicle passes you from either direction, get the windshield wipers and washers going beforehand. This will ensure your windshield remains clear.

The posted speed maximums are for ideal conditions. Under adverse conditions, the maximum speed is your good judgment – slow down.

Remember, it is always illegal to exceed the posted speed maximums.


Maneuver slowly and smoothly. Sudden acceleration or braking could result in a skid.


If embarking on a long trip, advise someone of your route, destination and expected the time of arrival.


Keep a winter survival kit in the vehicle. This should include items such as:

  • ice scraper and brush
  • snow shovel
  • sand or other traction aid
  • extra washer fluid
  • traction pads or sand
  • jumper cables
  • blankets and extra warm clothing
  • non-perishable food and water
  • mats, candle and spare batteries
  • first aid kit and small tool kit.
  • flashlight
  • flares
  • good spare tire, jack and wheel spanner